Ilium Developer Kit 2 - "The Persuader"

Thanks for your interest in the Persuader Developer Kit. We are no longer selling this kit but stay tuned for our next gun controller!

The Ilium Persuader is a replica of the classic M1A1 Thompson (Tommy Gun) for VR. Featuring a drop magazine, analog slide, fire select switch, and haptic recoil, The Persuader provides an incredibly immersive VR gun experience.

This version is compatible with the HTC Vive only. Oculus and OSVR versions are available to members of our Developer Program.

Our controller requires a custom integration with games. We provide Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4 plugins. Other engines and games can use our libiliumvr C API for integration.

Downloads Here

This developer kit includes:

  • Tommy Gun Controller
  • Drop Magazine
  • 4 Button Attachment
  • Slide Joystick Attachment
  • Wireless Dongle
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • Vive Controller Mount
  • Access to our Developer Forum

* Product does not include the HTC Vive Controller as pictured above

Frequently Asked Questions

What is new since the DK1?

This kit is completely wireless, making it much more manageable for use with most VR systems. There is a modular attachment system on the front of the controller, allowing for ambidextrous controls, including directional sticks, analog joysticks, and button modules.

What are the specifications of the wireless system?

The Persuader uses a proprietary 2.4Ghz wireless transmitter which is low latency and low power.

Can I use this gun controller with console systems such as Xbox and Playstation?

Not currently. Our controller requires software support on the platform, so we are only able to support PC based headsets such as the Vive, Oculus and OSVR. The hardware can support PSVR easily, and the software to do that is on our current roadmap.

Is the gun controller right or left handed?

The slide action and fire select switch are on the left hand side of the gun controller. The joystick, button, and directional controls are removable modules that can be placed on either side.

Can this controller integrate with game engines that aren’t Unreal and Unity?

We have a simple C API which interfaces with our runtime software. This can be easily integrated to any other game engine. We will be developing plugins for other engines as we move forward.

What makes this controller different from other gun controllers on the market today?

The Persuader was built from the ground up for Virtual Reality, not as an afterthought. Our software and hardware interfaces immersively with current VR setups, and our demo’s were designed for VR. The realistic features, like reloading, recoil, and slide action are all created to form the most immersive experience.

What is the Developer Program and why should I be a part of it?

The Ilium VR Developer program is our way of helping developers make great content for our controllers. We provide discounts on our products, early access to software and features, and exclusive access to our Oculus tracking modules.

I own an arcade and want custom gun controllers, can you make them for me?

We design and develop custom gun controllers of many types, including rifles, shotguns, pistols, and more. We can fulfill large and small quantities. Email us at [email protected] for inquiries.

How long does the battery last in the controller?

The battery will last about 24 hours of active play, and over 100 hours on standby. It takes about an hour to get to full charge.

Are there attachments that can be mounted to the gun controller? E.g. laser sight, scope, silencer, stocks?

We are launching exclusively with game pad attachments, I.E. controller buttons, analog joystick, and directional stick. The modular connectors were designed to allow us to create many more types of attachments, including laser sights and flashlights. These can be used as input into a game.

Why is it called The Persuader?

This particular controller is in the form of a Thompson submachine gun, or Tommy Gun. One of the early experimental models of the Thompson was called the Persuader, developed in 1918. So that's where the name came from.